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Sagi Kedmi


About Me

As of February 2017, I’m (an aspiring) self-employed Engineer.

Previously, Security research at IBM, Engineering at Hebrew University and Networks at Israeli Air Force.

I live in Tel-Aviv with my spouse Nadja, her illustrations are sporadically embedded in the site.

You can contact me (securely) via:

$ echo "c2FnaUBzYWdpLmlvCg==" | base64 -d

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Dead Canary

About the Blog

Reading blogs have contributed so much to my knowledge, I feel that I have to give back.

Time will tell what this blog will shape into, for now my plan is to post mainly on vulnerabilities, exploitation, cryptography, machine learning and algorithms - subjects that interest me personally and professionally.

If you have any particular subject you’d like me to write about, contact me!