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Oct 20, 2014

Blackhat Europe: Attacking /dev/urandom on Android

Daunting baptism of fire & Meeting the S in RSA

#android #kernel #vuln

Our paper was accepted to both Usenix WOOT and Blackhat Europe! So Nadja and I got to go to Amsterdam :) !

We wanted to exploit CVE-2014-3100 - a stack based buffer overflow in Android’s Keystore. We needed to bypass the stack canary. Long story short, we devised probablistic attacks that enables an attacker to predict random bytes that are extracted from the underlying entropy pool of /dev/urandom during device boot, such as Keystore’s canary value.

I explained the attack to Nadja and the result was a dead canary drawing:

Dead Canary
Dead Canary

Never have I spoken to so many people, let alone in a foriegn language. It was a daunting, yet necessary, baptism of fire.

Here’s the video:

[slides] [paper]

Here is a picture of Adi Shamir and I. We’ve met in the speaker’s lounge. He also attended my talk!

Adi Shamir and I
Adi Shamir and I

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