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Sagi Kedmi

Jul 30, 22


Owning Yourself


I’m happy to open source a battle-tested library for using Slack’s API through Cloudflare Workers:


We built it out of necessity - we needed to speed up the response times of our app and still use a serverless architecture.

Read on to learn more.


One of the core features of OpenSay (a tool for responsible anonymity in organizations) is the ability to do real-time AI classification of content and dynamically render the results as an image.

It looks like this:

OpenSay Slack Preview Message

It is a serial process - the AI classification must come before the image rendering.

It is also a time intensive process - usually less than 2 seconds, which is forever in terms of user experience.

We needed a way to shave some time off.

How Slack Bots Work?

When a Slack user, within a Slack workspace, interacts with a bot (e.g. with a slash command) an event is sent to Slack’s regional servers which then relays the event to the bot’s backend server.

💡 Aha, if we can bring our backend closer to Slack’s regional servers we can definitely shave some time off!

Enter Cloudflare Workers

Cloudflare Workers is a highly performant serverless runtime with an almost infinite scale and ~0ms cold starts which runs at network’s edge with over 250 locations.

Cloudflare uses anycast routing to make sure that when an origin sends a request it triggers the closest (in terms of network speed or region) worker.

Fits like a glove to what we are trying to achieve.

How It Works?

Code speaks louder than words.


$ npm install

Example code:

const SlackREST = require('')

const botAccessToken = process.env.SLACK_BOT_ACCESS_TOKEN;
const SlackAPI = new SlackREST({ botAccessToken })
const formData = {
  token: botAcccessToken,
  channel: 'general',
  text: 'hello world'
const result = await

It mimicks Slack’s Web API. For example, under SlackREST you have the chat.postMessage method.

If you need methods that weren’t implemented, just change the METHODS object here and open a pull request.

I hope the above made sense and that it helps you build faster Slack apps.

Comments and thoughts are welcome on this tweet:

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