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Bloom Filters for the Perplexed

29.07.2017, in { algo }

Bloom filters are one of those simple and handy engineering tools that any engineer should have in their toolbox.

It is a space-efficient probabilistic data structure that represents a set and allows you to test if an element is in it.

They are really simple to construct and look like this:

Inserting to and Querying a Bloom Filter

The cool thing is that to achieve such space-efficiency Bloom filters allow for errors with an arbitrarily small probability!

Crypto Classics: Wiener's RSA Attack

18.04.2016, in { crypto, algo }

While reading on RSA I stumbled upon Dan Boneh’s Twenty Years of Attacks on the RSA Cryptosystem 1999 paper. In there, I found a trove of applied attacks against RSA; one of which, Wiener’s, employs continued fractions approximation to break RSA efficiently (under certain conditions).

The attack was interesting enough to make me want to learn about it and spread the word.

So, today we’re going to use simple math and Python to distill Wiener’s Attack :).

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